University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship

International postgraduate students may only apply their £6,500, £13,000, or £26,000 annual scholarship awards toward the cost of tuition.

Additionally, candidates can be qualifying for a £3,000 living expenses award during their initial academic year of study.



You are allowed to do so if you:


are a foreign student for the reason obtaining payment

Recently submitted an application for enrollment in any one-year, full-time master’s program or one of our two-year bachelor’s degrees in law (MA) or social work (MSc), all of which are competent, in September 2023.


Apply using the internet-based form for internationally scholarships. In the instructions we provide on how to apply to overseas scholarships, you might uncover some additional details concerning the form in question.


The guidelines and requirements for all overseas scholarships that are provided by the University of Bristol are the same as the application procedures. Before applying, understand the terms and conditions.

The Thinking Big Graduate school application window for doorway in 2023 has formally passed.

On Monday, April 24, 2023, at 10 A.M. (UK time), applications were closed.

assessment procedure

Contact with the selected applicants will happen on or before May 21, 2023.

Shortly after, unsuccessful applicants will get information.

Additional details

You will be immediately considered for any other University of Bristol international scholarships for which you are qualified if you apply for this award. There is not a requirement for two independent registrations.

All in other countries scholars at the University of Bristol are required to submit the same application.

Other standards
Applicants are unable to postpone their scholarship if they decide to postpone their study.

If you accept a scholarship, you promise to represent the University of Bristol well, and you may occasionally be asked to take part in events or advertising campaigns. Nothing in excess of five hours per term will be dedicated to these activities.

Unless stated differently, scholarships will be granted as a diminution in tuition. You must be able demonstrate that you have the money to pay the remaining balance of your tuition fees as well as appropriate living expenses due to restrictive British immigration and visa laws.

To be granted a visa to enter the UK, you will have to be able to prove this. Learn more about the level of money necessary established forth by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Service (UKVI).

Scholarships are not convertible and will be offered as a tuition fee deductive thinking. There won’t be a financial substitute provided.

The remainder of the money are not going to be given out if the amount of the scholarship awarded is greater than the total cost of the tuition. In that scenario, the tuition will be entirely refunded.

Subject to outstanding academic achievement throughout the program, undergraduate scholarships will be given for all years of undergraduate study taking place at the University of Bristol (excluding years studied somewhere else, such as years in industry).

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