UCL Global Masters Scholarship For International Students

Are you interested in Furthering your master’s Degree in UK at a very Subsidized Tuition Fee? if yes this Article is for you.

Our Major Emphasis in this Resource, is the UCL Global Master’s Scholarship, one of the top Scholarship programs Available to International students in United Kingdom.


Notwithstanding the UCL Global Masters Scholarship, is among the list of scholarships managed by the prestigious University College London.

University College London ranks among the high-ranking universities in the world, the institution is currently among the top five(5) best research universities in UK.


Surprisingly the institution is popularly abbreviated as UCL, which is an Acronym for University College London, the school was established in 1826.

The main Campus of University College London is actually situated at Gower Street in London, UCL currently has about two(2) branch Campuses, which include the Bloomsbury Campus, and the East Campus.

Notwithstanding the UCL Global Master’s Scholarship program offered by University College London, is a Partially Funded Scholarship program.

The program covers the Study expenses of international students Partially, Recipients of the UCL Global Master’s Scholarship program will receive Funding up to 15,000 euros yearly throughout the course of thier Master’s Degree program At UCL.


Surprisingly international students are the only Eligible Candidates for this Scholarship Award, foreigners irrespective of thier Country of Origin will be Awarded this Scholarship, provided they have Impressive Academic performance in thier previous Undergraduate Studies.

The UCL Global Master’s Scholarship for international students, is highly competitive, with only about eighty-five(85) international students being selected by the Scholarship board yearly.

Furthermore, this scholarship program also considers international students who are from India, over five(5) slots of the Scholarship are Awarded to Indian citizens yearly.

More importantly, the Duration for the Global Master’s Scholarship program is Actually one year, students whose study program exceeds one(1) year, will need to apply for scholarship renewal, provided they have an outstanding Academic performance in thier first year of Study at UCL.

International students selected for the Global Masters Scholarship program are judged based on thier Financial Background, Academic prowess, and the decision of the Students Funding Office of UCL.

Without Wasting much time, let’s get to see some of the Requirements Criteria of the UCL Global Masters Scholarship For International Students.

Requirements Criteria of The UCL Global Masters Scholarship

Let’s get to discuss some of the requirements Criteria of The UCL Global Master’s Scholarship, Ensure you read carefully, we got you covered.

1. Nationality

The UCL Global Masters Scholarship is mainly for talented international students, irrespective of thier country of origin, UK’s Citizens are not Eligible to Apply for this Scholarship program.

2. Financial Status

International Students Aspiring for the UCL Global Masters Scholarship must come from a financially poor background, they might need to present Bank statements justifying their Financial Status.

Despite being from a poor background, international students applying for this Scholarship must have the Financial Capacity to pay the Overseas Fee rate.

3. Academic Program

Students Aspiring for the UCL Global Masters Scholarship must be willing to pursue a master’s Degree at University College London, irrespective of thier Field of Study.

More importantly, students must have received an admission offer to pursue a master’s degree at University College London before Applying for the UCL Global Masters Degree Scholarship.

If you wish to know more about the UCL Global Masters Scholarship For International students, Click here, all necessary details are provided.

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