Top South Sudan Scholarships for 2022-23

Because CARE, an NGO that operates in South Sudan, was already running the Sudan Basic Education Programming (SBEP) with support from USAID and other partners, they were chosen as an AGSP implementing partner. In 26 South Sudanese schools, AGSP has provided counseling to 1,200 girls. A Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) invasion in December 2005 led to the evacuation of the entire CARE employees from their Maridi camp.

In 20 Community Girls’ Schools at the time, 1,200 girls were receiving assistance from AGSP. The raid and ensuing evacuation halted South Sudan’s support for the AGSP. Future AGSP opportunities in South Sudan are being researched.



supports all students to study abroad and welcomes international students and their different backgrounds to our college or university.


We assistance international students with the admissions process and offer guidance and information to the more than 100 international students enrolled at the university from 50 different countries on non-immigrant student visa guidelines and operations, medical insurance, housing, financial and employment issues, adjustment to life in the United States of America, and academic concerns.

These scholarships are given based on demonstrated academic achievement, evidence of extracurricular involvement, and financial need. They are presented as either a full or a partial out-of-state tuition waiver.

Western Australian Department of Education (DoE)

offers a variety of scholarships for students from abroad. For either the WAUFP or the WACE Program, several of these scholarships cover the entire tuition cost.
Additionally, the DoE provides a number of partial scholarships for international students to enroll in the Tuart College WAUFP or WACE Program.


Windle Trust International

WTI funds refugees and internally displaced Sudanese to enroll in undergraduate programs at Sudanese universities and colleges from its headquarters in Khartoum. Over fifty per cent of the recipients are women to promote gender parity. WTI is the implementation partner for the UNHCR Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI), which provides scholarships with funding from a number of donors.

Beneficiaries of the program pursue a broad range of academic interests associated with Sudan’s economic and social advancement.
University of York

African International Program for Scholarships (4). a hundred thousand dollars worth ($25k multiplied by 4 years). Must be a national of an African nation. to continue—maintain an acceptable grade point average at York (7.8 on a scale of 9).

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