Concordia University Scholarship For International Students

Further your studies in Canada, through the lists of Scholarships offered by Concordia University, through this resource you will get to see some of the most suitable scholarships available to International students at Concordia University.

Honestly, several scholarships are targeted at catering to the studies of international students,in Corcondia University, some of these scholarships include the Emerging Leaders in America Program, Study in Canada Scholarships, Canada-ASEAN Scholarships e.t.c


The Aforementioned Scholarships offered by Concordia University provide partial or full funding to selected International students.

From Experience, the Scholarship board at Concordia University Awards scholarships to international students with respect to thier Academic performance.


Furthermore, the Scholarships offered by Concordia University could be used in Funding your studies from Bachelor Master’s to P.h.d degree Level at any of the programs offered by Concordia University.

Concordia University is actually one of the top public research institutions in Canada, the university was established on August 24, 1974, through the merger of George Williams University and Loyola College.

Surprisingly the main Campus of Concordia University is Situated in the City of Quebec, though the university has only two Campuses currently.

Honestly, the University is one of the most suitable Canadian University for International Students, the School’s Acceptance Rate is Currently pegged at 78%.


The Institution is indeed a well-known University both in Canada and the world at Large, reason while about 80% of its Graduates are employed immediately after Graduation.

To, however, assist you in experiencing the top-notch educational programs offered at Concordia University for free, we have highlighted some of the Top Scholarships offered by the institution.

Concordia University Scholarship For International Students

Welcome Back, below are some of the top Scholarships offered by Concordia University Canada, read through Carefully.

1. ELAP Scholarship Program

The ELAP Scholarship program offered by Concordia University is actually a scholarship program for international students from Latin America or Caribbean who wish to pursue an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree program at Concordia University.

The Accronym ELAP simply stands for Emerging Leaders of Americas Program, to get more detailed info about this Scholarship Click here.

2. The Canada-ASEAN Scholarship Program

The Scholarship is actually a government-funded scholarship, to help improve the relationship between Canada and other Asian Countries, by catering for the studies of talented International students who are Asian Nationals.

The acronym ASEAN noted alongside the Scholarship name, stands for the Association of Southeast and Asian Nations.

International students selected for this Program are Asian Nationals interested in any short-term or Research Oriented Degree Programs. To Know more about this Scholarship Click Here.

3. Study In Canada Scholarship

Study In Canada Scholarship is also one of the Prestigious Scholarship Award Offered by Concordia University,the Scholarship is specifically for international students whose previous School is located in one of Eligible Countries for the Study In Canada Scholarship Award.

To be Eligible for the Study in Canada Scholarship your previous institution must be located either at Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, or North Africa, Europe and Asia.

If you wish to know more about the Study In Canada Scholarship Program offered by Concordia University, Ensure you Click Here

General Requirements Criteria For The Concordia University Scholarship For International Students

1. Student’s Nationality

the Concordia University Scholarship is specifically for individuals who are not Canadian Citizens, in addition, individuals or students Aspiring for any of the Scholarships Offered by Concordia University must have international student status.

2. Admission Status

All Applicants for the Concordia University Scholarship must confirm thier Admission Status before completing or submitting any Scholarship Application Online.Students must have been admitted before Applying.

3. Academic Performance

Most scholarships offered by Concordia University are Awarded based on the Impressive Academic Performance of Applicants, reason each applicant will need to submit all previous results Transcript as proof of thier Academic achievements.

4. Correct Information

All information provided by each Applicant of the Concordia University Scholarship must be correct and up to date, Students should check for errors before submitting thier Scholarship Application.

Thank you for Reading through down to this point, do well to visit the official Webpage of Concordia University,to grasp more information About the Available Scholarships.

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