The IAEC University was founded in 1986 and has established a name for itself in higher education both domestically and abroad. With more than 34 years of worthwhile experience under his belt, he has established himself under the BK Group in numerous African nations to provide qualified training programs that are appropriate for the workplace. Benin, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Central African Republic, and of course Togo are the seven nations that have previously been conquered. The tertiary and technological industries offer attractive fields for professional integration through IAEC.


Students study how to think at IAEC University rather than what to think. Students and professors argue, work together, and conduct research while challenging presumptions—and one another—in an environment of free and open inquiry. IAEC’s distinctive curriculum, which is grounded in rigorous research, transforms students,

getting them ready and giving them the tools they need to change the world for the better.


“I would like to welcome you to the University for your Studies and extend my congratulations for the enormous commitment you have made toward your education by enrolling in this illustrious citadel, on behalf of African University of Science, Administration and Commercial Studies (IAEC).The university’s administration and employees as a whole wish you a good time while providing assurance that that your stay with us will be rewarding and fulfilling. -The Registrar.

IAEC is a comprehensive university in Lome, Togo, which embraces diversity and providing an intellectual atmosphere that creates the next wave of leaders and advances thinking for the foreseeable future.

IAEC Togo strives for academic achievement through rigorous teaching standards and a dynamic learning environment. The University provides students with opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities outside of the classroom, including student groups, sports such as athletics general lectures, and seminars.

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