AgroHack Challenge for Young Nigerian 2023

The AgroHack Challenge seeks original concepts from all points along the agricultural value chain. These programs would be expedited in order to give many young Nigerians new opportunities.

The major objective of the AgroHack Challenge is to gather creative concepts that would accelerate the food and agriculture industries’ rapid expansion, raise farmers’ productivity and profitability, generate new jobs, and improve food security in Nigeria.


AgroHack Challenge for Young Nigerian Requirements

  • The age must range from 18 to 35.
  • must have a team of two or more.
  • Possess a novel or scaleable business concept or model for the agricultural industry (from farm to fork),
  • Have an impact on the world, a nation, a region, or a community
  • a minimally viable product

AgroHack Challenge for Young Nigerian Benefits

  • Contestants can also win up to one million naira.
  • Program accelerator
  • 5 days Business boot camp
  • intense mentoring from a network of mentors throughout the world
  • business assistance programs
  • Obtaining investors
  • Obtain potential customers
  • fresh market possibilities
  • Have a business plan with a distinct target market.

AgroHack Challenge for Young Nigerian Methods of Application

Agropreneurs who are interested in AgroHack Challenge for Young Nigerians 2023 should click the link below


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