Studying Computer Science in Spain

You may study computer science at some of the best universities in the world if you want to do so in Spain. Universities of the highest caliber, recognized internationally for their competence, are abundant in Spain. Computer science graduates may find profession as software developers coders, software developers, etc. Computer science is a lucrative and in-demand occupation nowadays.

The skills that you learn in your computer science studies are easily transferable to other fields of study because computer science is one of the most diversified disciplines in academia.


Degrees in computer science are highly sought after not only in Spain but also worldwide and in practically every industry. Computer science teaches problem-solving abilities, which are vital even on a daily basis. This is one of its fundamental elements.

Best Universities for Computer Science in Spain


Institutions of higher education in Spain have a reputation for excellence and quality. Professionals with extensive expertise teach knowledge and skills to foreign students in Spain. They are also given a lot of opportunities to broaden their knowledge and develop their skill set. Students have the opportunity to enter the computer science job market with assurance and preparedness because to the skills they acquire at Spanish institutions.

The top universities in Spain for computer science are listed below:

  1. Catalonia’s Polytechnic University

A public institution in Barcelona, the Polytechnic institution of Catalonia is well known for its research and advanced instruction in engineering, architecture, science, and technology. It is in fact one of Europe’s top technological universities. This university demonstrates a dedication to changing society. UPC, which has in excess of 28,000 students participating in its bachelor’s and master’s programs and levels of study, is governed by the values of liberty, democracy, justice, cooperation, and competence.

  1. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    UC3M was founded in 1989 and is a public university that is situated in the Community of Madrid, Spain. Through its top-notch instruction and cutting-edge research, this university seeks to enhance society. It contains about 27 departments covering a variety of academic areas, including computer science. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is one of Spain’s top computer science universities and one of the best young universities in all of Europe.
  1. Madrid Polytechnic University
    The Technical University of Madrid, frequently referred to as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of activity, including teaching, research, knowledge, and service delivery. The Polytechnic University of Madrid constantly strives for growth and development, whether it be in the study materials, instructor preparation, or student demands. It is considered to be one of the most esteemed universities in Spain for computer science.

Barcelona University, fourth
One of the most recognized and historically important universities in Spain is the University of Barcelona. Today, it enrolls practically 64,000 students in its degree programs, with more than 12,000 of them studying abroad. This university provides degree programs in a variety of academic disciplines, including computer science, which it is particularly strong in. The University of Barcelona, one of the nation’s most cutting-edge schools, focuses on research that is qualitative.


Requirements for Admission
For international students in comparison with Spanish students, there are different entrance requirements to study computer science in Spain. This is so that international students won’t have to demonstrate their credentials or show the results of their language tests. Applicants could need an official translation if certain colleges require that the documentation be handed over in Spanish (depending on how this is going to differ by institution).

Requirements for entry
Spanish universities require applications to submit official high school transcripts as a requirement for admission. This certificate indicates that your credentials are recognized in Spain. The admission requirements for computer science degrees in Spain typically require that students from other countries validate their diploma at the Spanish embassy. Depending on the university, students might in addition required to pass an entrance exam.

Criteria for Selection
The committee that reviews applications at Spanish institutions will use a selection criterion to determine who is admitted if/when there are more applicants than there are openings in a computer science program. The majority of the time, graduates who need the fewest credits (if extra courses are required) or students suitable for direct entrance to the study program (without additional training courses) are given priority.

If there is a tie, the student’s previous academic achievement and level of English (if English is the language of teaching) are typically taken through considerations.

Cost of Computer Science Education in Spain
Computer science tuition in Spain varies between public and private colleges. Pay-per-credit pricing is used by government organizations in Spain, meaning that the total price is based on the number of credits offered by each program. A bachelor’s degree in computer science typically costs €1,500 per year at public universities in Spain.

A master’s degree in computer science, though, will run anybody about €3,500 a year. At public universities in Spain, non-EU/EEA students are usually required to pay higher tuition rates, typically up to €6,000 a year. At private universities, enrollment for computer science degree programs could reach €20,000 per calendar year.

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